Room Additions

Adding a room to your home is certainly an exciting project to undertake. You will likely have given some thought to the cost and how you envisage using your new space, but to make it happen, you’ll certainly benefit from the services of a leading build and design team.

Dedicated Residential Construction have the expertise to make room additions a reality for you. Our design and build scope covers bathrooms, kitchens, new living space, even those requiring egress windows, redevelopment of basements, attics and new home extensions. With our expertise and knowledge of the very latest design styles, planning and building regulations as well as the myriad of trades required, you’ll benefit from the safety of a contract with one company that handles your entire build. You will not be disappointed choosing our experts to create your extra room.

Whether you are building out or building up, room additions are a great option to increase living space in your home to gain additional space for a growing family or to allow more room for entertaining guests. The biggest cost factor in a room addition, is what type of space you want to add. For example, building a “box” to increase the size of a living room is going to be less expensive than a room addition that includes a kitchen or bathroom, since those projects will typically involve substantial plumbing costs that a living room would not.

Further to this, if building out by bumping out a back or front wall, homeowners will need to determine what type of foundation they want. Excavating a full basement is going to be more expensive up front than a simple crawl space, but may offer more value in the long-term if that basement space is converted to living space by including one or more egress windows.

This is where the services we offer at Dedicated Residential Construction really come into their own. Working to a well-constructed plan, we cover everything with you, including how the new space will be incorporated into the existing design. If pre-existing space then requires a remodel we can ensure a natural and seamless transition between old and new spaces.

Whatever the extent of the work required, you can be sure that Dedicated Residential Constructions team of designers, builders and installers have the experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure your work is carried out with the minimum disruption to your daily life.

Our advice and planning knowledge will help you to get the best from your new space within city approval requirements. When you hire the complete package of an industry leading business such as ourselves you can rest assured that the work will be carried out to the highest standard, on time and within your budget.

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