Kitchen Remodels

Dedicated Residential Construction are specialists in the residential construction industry, with teams offering many years’ experience in creating perfect kitchen remodels. When your kitchen needs updating or even a complete redesign, with appliances moved or walls knocked down to give you the new perfect kitchen space for your home, we are just the people to call.

From the initial consultation, we take care of your remodel for you. We work with you to identify what you want from your kitchen, and are always available to suggest things that you may not have thought of. After all, we have the expertise to know what can be done, and the skilled teams to make it happen, so we aim to give you the best kitchen remodel possible for the space and budget you have.

Remodelling your kitchen can be one of the biggest remodel projects in your home, because it requires so many decisions to be made about every detail. Choosing Dedicated RC to complete your remodel, ensures that you have a specialist professional service right there with you for every decision, focussed on getting the job done.

We offer a reliability of service that guarantees you won’t be let down when it comes to the timescale of your kitchen remodel. When it comes to pricing, we won’t let you down either. Our quote is for the complete job, we don’t hide any of the costs waiting to catch you out after you have committed or the work has started. Our experienced and skilled teams understand through their vast industry knowledge what it takes to create a kitchen remodel dream. No matter the budget or how small or complex the task, we can deliver.

Our service begins with us identifying and understanding your needs. Are there passionate cooks among you? Do you long for new appliances to make life easier? Are you preparing meals for a large family every day, or simply eating most days, and then welcoming a house full of guests on the holidays? We can answer everything and make it happen.

There are so many choices to make – a double sink for lots of dishes vs. one of the stylish farmhouse sinks? How many ovens and burners do you need? How much space should you dedicate to pantry and storage, and how much should be reserved for foot traffic, kids, neighbors, dogs and parties?

Whether your vision includes knocking down some walls to create an open floorplan living-dining-kitchen, or you simply long to rearrange your existing space to be more functional and harmonious, Dedicated Residential Construction can help create your perfect kitchen.

With our experts beside you, guiding you through to completion, why not contact us today and let us create your dream kitchen remodel?

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