Attics & Basement Remodels

Dedicated Residential Construction are leading industry experts for any home remodelling projects. Whether you are looking to add extra space and value to your home by utilising existing unused attic and basement space or remodelling the way you currently use it, we can help.

Dedicated Residential Constructions team of expert designers and installers will work with you to create the design of your dreams. If you are looking to add egress windows or create a basement bedroom, washroom or kitchen, even a fully contained apartment, or perhaps to create a space for a growing family or help an elderly parent move in, but keep their independence, our teams can help grow your ideas and turn them into a reality. Typically, adding open living space in an attic or lower level is less expensive than a room addition project.

One consideration in adding a bathroom or kitchen to either an attic or basement, is the level of difficulty in running new mechanicals to the space. Dedicated Residential Constructions experts have the knowledge to not only design and carry out the work for you, but to advise and assist with any municipality planning permit requirements that are identified for successful completion of your project. Our work covers everything you will need to ensure that your new space is safe, including additional structural support where required.

When you select our design-build firm with experience, we work through the entire process with you.

Our team of experts will create a plan, without any surprises for you once the work begins. The time to understand all of the costs involved with your project is before you’ve signed a remodelling contract, not once the project is underway. Don’t risk leaving yourself with no functional kitchen or bathroom space in your home, while the contractor is giving you a very large change order that you feel you have to sign just to keep the project moving forward.

With Dedicated Residential Construction, you will fully understand all your costs and the full scope of work prior to signing a construction agreement, so there are no surprises once work begins. You will not suffer from our builders becoming side-tracked part way through your job or run the risk of them disappearing with your money or carrying out substandard work. We are industry leaders not just for our design vision, but for commitment to exceptional workmanship, and offering excellent value for money complete build options for our clients. No matter how big or small the job or budget.

Why not contact us today and let us create your extra space, or renovate the space you have so it works perfectly for your needs.

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