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Whatever your home remodeling project, whether large or small the team of construction experts at Dedicated use only top-quality materials and skilled craftsmen for each part of the job. The most important aspect of every project is the plan, and working with a Dedicated Designer will ensure your plan includes the materials selections, design elements and scope of work to give you a project you’re going to love for years to come within a budget you can afford. Homeowners are often shocked at how far apart bids are for their project and wonder how prices can be so different if everyone is bidding on the same work. Unfortunately, contractors are frequently not bidding on the same work or in some cases, dishonest contractors are concealing the true cost and work required hoping a lower initial price will get them the job.

​​Costs in a remodeling project fall into two categories:
Fixed and Variable. Fixed costs relate to expenses the company has every month such as overhead required to maintain an office, liability insurance, and staff to run the business. Variable costs change depending on the project, such as what type of kitchen cabinets a client selects, how many dumpsters a project requires, etc. These costs are somewhat under a homeowner’s control in that if they want to lower their project cost, they can remove part of the work or go with less expensive fixtures. One of the reasons competing bids vary so much is based on a company’s fixed costs; a design-build contractor such as Dedicated pays for its office, insurance premiums and support staff while smaller, independent “handyman” type of contractors working out of their pickup truck do not have these expenses and can therefore offer cheaper pricing. However, this type of contractor frequently ends up costing the homeowners even more money in the long run with project delays, incomplete plans, failed inspections and subsequent change orders for work that should have been identified previously had an experienced designer been involved in the first place.